The kaname does not exercise fudoshin, as it is ever moving and ultimately dynamic.  Each point is critical yet not something that one should be controlled by.  The opponent wants to fight, we want to avoid.

So what is the kaname?  It is the ever moving critical point of the matter like an atom in space, once there then gone, as fast as it has appeared.  This is not something that can be controlled, but simply known.

Better yet is to exercise the art of banpenfugyou as the kaname is banpen and therefore requires the heart of fugyo.

Soke always says that what is important is the next one.  Once the next one comes then there is already the next one.  Like facing the waves of the never ending ocean.  We need to cultivate legs of Takagiyoshin-ever capable of bending and flow.

The gokui is not an aspect of technique as technique will almost always fail.  The gokui is that there is no gokui.  There is only the keep going.

Seiryu 聖龍