Human nature tends to self create problems when one over utilizes something as a vehicle for the ego.  Leaning on something too much creates stress that results in symptoms and indirect reactions that are surprisingly still surprising by many. 

Looking at lessons received by inspirational leaders in the martial arts, I have come to realize that the key to -winning- is to not be a catalyst for conflict nor to allow the self to act on what might deem as an attack, ego or physical.

To feel and to think is human nature, and not something that can be easily avoided, but action is something that can be controlled.  So, if one is to adeptly control ones space, I believe that the key is to practice more self-control. 

In my many years in pursuit of the secrets of the martial arts, interestingly there remain only a very few things that continue to ring aloud in my consciousness: There is NO Secret and don’t allow the self to become a target.  This does not mean go on strike with the human need to self promote, but a guideline in how to do so wisely. 

Self promotion is the way of our world in the present day, but how we do so and how we conduct ourselves should not result in surprise or disgust when we observe how others perceive or respond.  Often the basis for the reaction is most likely ego driven, or even more so a direct result of the lack of patience generated from the previous over-input of ourselves.  People tend to be patient and even tolerant, but when the basin overflows, it is not always due to the lack of patience, but due to our own inability to control the flow.

If your goal is to be an ethical warrior then one must actually integrate and practice ethics, otherwise the shell that we form will crumble away quickly leaving one scrambling again to quickly justify or hide the actual inner-self.  If it is not from within, it is without.

Bampenfugyo should be a mantle to remind us not to be surprised, but it is funny how human nature is still so surprising. Would you rather be remembered for how you stand or what you stand for?  Interesting question as many attempt stand for something, but cannot stand anything.

I still believe that it may be possible to be a warrior without the need for the limelight or recognition. However, this requires the confidence and inner peace to know that greatness is not a matter of technique, but simply a matter of the heart. 

 Bufu Ikkan