The warrior path is lonely and unique.  As most are aware, the kanji that create the term “Budo” consists of “warrior” and “path”.  Or Bu and Michi.  武道  

Ultimately, one would like to find themselves on the road to nowhere which leads to everywhere and I will humbly offer the description of this as Mu Michi 無道 -The juppo sessho of life.

Each path is different and unique and although the destination may be common, the path remains individual.

One must strive to find one’s own way and remain creative and unique.  Naturally, you will follow directly behind someone of inspiration, prodding in their foots steps until you gain the confidence and courage to venture alongside or in a completely different direction.  This is the path of master and student. This is another way to look at the concept of Shu Ha Ri 守・破・離

As in a recent discussion with Soke, one might for example, follow the path of knowledge or intelligence. The subject of knowledge versus intelligence was discussed at length in combination with our physical training.  Soke painted several examples in this concept in his modern impressionist way with the brush of taijutsu, brushing how critical this is for growth or advancement in the medium of the martial arts.

Although this is a very simple and typical subject, and maybe even considered single dimensional, I thought quite provocative based on its capacity on the canvas of the Lonely Budo Path and how it can confuse, inspire and regress like Picasso.

For years, one can strive to seek knowledge or desire to gather information plodding relentlessly down to only become the no path leading to nothing.  This is not the no path that leads to everything.  The difference between actually putting that knowledge to work is a transition that not all can achieve as it requires straddling both roads.  This may require intelligence and can be in the absence of knowledge.

One might also fall slave to the path of Intelligence, a prisoner of their own talent.  Only to develop on a road of possible erosion, leading to the no path of nothing and not everything. 

I cannot help to wonder what happens when this road comes to an end?  Is the freedom there to create a new path or would I sit waiting for eternity for someone inspirational to come by? Therefore, it is critical for one to remain creative in the path of intelligence practicing detachment from talent, as it could eventually result in ignorance. 

The words come to mind: “Find and make your own way, that is the kihon of life.”

Although we walk alone, we all walk.
Bufu Ikkan.