Without surprise, the last month has been a very real and true experience in Budo.  Japan to many, has always been a perceived safe place, with the recent events changing that somewhat.  The perceived danger still lingers, but as in all things will continue to dwindle away with time.  However, a true warrior must never let the guard down and be aware and prepared in times of chaos and those of not.  There is no difference.

The experience of training and learning from Soke during this time has been ever so valuable and somewhat different in a sense (or in the senses) Training in an unsteady and ever changing and possibly dangerous environment has been a unique experience. I feel a truer sense of reality in the lessons learned in budo in the recent weeks.

Seeing how Soke’s steadfast heart handles a critical time has been no surprise.  Soke’s response to the appeals to vacate were simply, Banpenfugyo!  

When this year’s theme is that of Kihon Happo, it could have not been more mysterious in shaking up the foundations of this art or arts.  It is apparent that the kanjinkaname of Budo is that of the heart and spirit.  Not technique.  Technique is secondary.  The kihon of distance, angles and positioning are critical within a heart of happo or juppo sessho. These are elements that cannot be packaged.

Soke clearly stated that modern martial arts often teach the unrealistic aspect of one on one, however, it is those opponents that are unseen that are your true enemy.  Regardless of how fancy, strong or proven your technique, there is always a more powerful force.

In these times it is critical and to have the courage and patience to rely on your senses to see through the darkness and trust your instinct on what is true , false or overstated.  These critical abilities are far more superior to us than that of physical technique and have proven to be much more evident in the recent month.

These abilities are honed and developed through just and realistic training and not of a product that can be sold, spread or even taught.  They are a self responsibility that must be recognized and accepted in order to foster true power or ability.

The good news is that this is not secret wisdom or not something coded on a scroll.  This is something that must be inspired and acquired in an aspect of kuden.  Kuden of a master-in a continuous message over half a life time.  As the Bujinkan product becomes even more of a commodity, it will be those that are not attached to outcome or technique that will achieve Soke’s level of carelessness.

Each person has their own space to control, and each aspect of space although connected, is unique.  This is the reality of humanity.  Soke told me once to just understand humanity.  This message is timeless and now is a time that this makes clear sense in darkness with the light at the end of the tunnel.  It is the warrior that always sees the light in the darkness.

Bufu Ikkan