I would like to personally congratulate Luis on passing the Godan test yesterday.  It is truly mysterious how things are connected.  Yesterday, although not the 2nd of April, but the 3rd was still considered the training day in commemoration of the passing of Takamatsu Sensei -April 2nd.  Luis presented Soke with 2 carvings of Takamatsu sensei on this day.  One made of wood and one made of earth or clay.  Soke was delighted in saying that wood represents growth and earth represents stability.  Also, Luis has given Soke 2 carvings, and this symbolizes the 2nd day of April.

Luis avoided the cut well and I was honored to be chosen by Soke to administer this test .  Mysteriously, I also passed the Godan test on the 2nd of April.

I want to thank Luis for his work with the blog translations to Spanish and congratulate him again on this test well done. 

Bufu Ikkan