I have just returned to Japan from a perceived safe place.  Funny feeling that returning to a place of danger and experiencing the danger almost every minute of the day, without the desire to flee.  Is this a desire to find that of bushido or an act of fudoshin?  Only time will tell.

How can we live life or expect peace when the every physical foundations of safety are shaky?

The last couple of months have been a lesson in the foundations of life and death in a pure and simple way that could be mind boggling.  Yet, I feel no fear or real anxiety.  Maybe I did not feel the big one and was safe in another country, but maybe it is an effect of the practice of budo taijutsu?  I have not yet seen Soke, so I cannot confirm.  However, even without confirming, I confirm that all is OK.  This is a time to see through the darkness and maintain a heart of stability in a time of utmost instability.  Sometimes it is time to escape sometimes it is time to stand and hold your ground in an act of kihon happpo.

The reality is that the foundations of kihon are ever moving and those that can surf well are more likely to end up safely down the beach than those who freeze up and fall off.  Although only time will tell…

It is a time of using your own sense and making your own decisions and assements based on your own concept of kihon happo.  A definite lesson that in this life, a certain level of real experience is complimentary to the budoka lifestyle.

The reality is that any type of fighting skill does you no good here as there is no opponent to control.  Bless the teachings of the bujinkan in this case as the value truly shines through in real life stage of that which is natural opposed to that which is unnatural.

Bufu Ikkan.