I received today the first sample copy of Soke’s new book , the “Essence of Budo” due to be officially released by Kondansha in a few weeks time.  The actual date is not yet fixed, as far as I am aware.

This book was particularly challenging to translate as the amount of text was significantly more than previous books , incorporating several history lessons and studies on humanity and life.  In facing this challenge we worked together as a team which also was unique experience and the amount of photos and layout has taken some time.  This book, although written by Soke was somewhat of a Bujinkan wide project as a majority of the photos appearing in the book were taken by our Buyu.

As with the Essence of all things, the truth is not to be taught, but to be discovered.

The basics of Martial Arts may actually be the Essence as well as those life experiences that shape a Budoka in the aspect of Kuden.  Kuden clearly is not an aspect of knowledge but that of presence. 

In the presence of a master.  

Bufu Ikkan