There is always an Ura to the Ura and nothing appears as it seems. 

This is the basis behind the aspect of Kyojitsu Tenkanho(虚実転換法)

Muto Dori is most often interpreted as fighting without weapons or hand against sword, but due to the unique nature of Japanese, the characters can be changed to express different meanings.  Such as in the above case of “Muto” written with the characters of “not fighting” or “no fighting”. 

This should be a familiar concept within the Bujinkan fighting arts (or in this case “no fighting arts” ) in the sense that we are often reminded by Soke that the secret to fighting is not fighting.  This concept is well understood and accepted by the majority of Bujinkan practioners.  Or is it?

Do we all really know what this means?  Does this truly mean that we should seek to not fight and to live as peaceful pacifists? 

No, this cannot be the point.  It is the artistic side that brings this wabi sabi meaning to light…

The truth is that we are always fighting in everything we do.  Life is fighting.  As in the concept of natural selection 自然淘汰 -life is in constant struggle.  But could the Ura of the Ura simply be that staying alive is only struggling to die?

This is the power of Kyojitsu and this is maybe why we do not strive to fight, but fight without fighting as fighting leads to death.

Applying this to Taijutsu the concept is simply to avoid being pulled into the fight physically and mentally.  There are times where there is no choice but to fight and we must be decisive enough to make this judgment.  Luck often plays a large part in this and how you live and lead your life can dictate the level of luck you encounter it seems.  Sometimes tragedy will happen without reason or explanation, and this is the severity of nature and life.

You might unfortunately be exposed to tragedy that you may never have been able to influence and this internal strife is now the conflict.  The conflict exists on many levels and it is only physical a very fraction of the time.

What is the secret you say?  The secret is that there is no secret and this is the nature of life and life is Kyojutsu.

Fighting only makes it worse, don’t you think so?
Bufu Ikkan