In the last few months myself and a team of 3 translators have completed the English translation of Hatsumi Soke’s up and coming book due to be published by Kodansha International, Japanese titled “Budo No Gokui”.  One possible translation of the title in English could be “The Essence of Martial Arts” but we will wait and see what the final English title is as the editor is still hard at work with the ultimate layout.   This book will most likely be released before the end of the year, and hopefully in time for December 2nd.

In a quick hirameki of what is to come in this book (without giving too much away) is the artistic look at the bigger picture of the mindset of Hatsumi Soke in his interpretation of the Pinnacle of Martial Arts.  The message to Bujinkan practitioners will be standardly consistent as ever, if you are of the “Keep Going” tribe in the sense that the secret to martial arts can be found in….

At the end of the day, perusal of something for a lifetime results in the gokui, but maybe it can be said that this exists in everything and is natural as nature, as our Soke often states.

Again, what is here cannot be taught, nor does Soke intend to teach it, just put it out there for people to know.  Inspiration is personal and will apply and evolve uniquely per person based on Sainokonki.

So what’s the big secret? In my humble opinion and if you’re asking me, I think that the secret is that there is no secret and the martial path is a lonely one. Not something that can be compared to the next man or kunoichi for that matter, unless we are comparing skill, but where does that get us?

When it’s all said and done, does it matter what anyone said (except Soke)?  If you pursue a lifetime of studying violence, you should emerge ever so non-violent and hope that you can be at peace in a non peaceful world.

I think a fair self test would be if the Bujinkan rug was suddenly yanked out from under-would you still stand?

Bufu Ikkan