After 3 long weeks in Europe, I have returned to Japan to continue my own training and to fade back into the routine.  All the events were attended by excellent Buyu and there truly existed a feeling of cooperation and mutual growth. I cannot thank all the participants and hosts enough for all the support and enjoyment.  I not only see the meaning of Rokkon Shojo, but can now feel it.

The UK Seminar was hosted by my good friend David Oliver and supported by many friends and key leaders in the UK.  The training focused on the highlights of the previous seminars, Tachi Taijutsu, Tachi and Yari.   David bravely suited up in armor and challenged the uke role allowing for a real image of yoroi kumiuchi. 

Reflecting on the training events, I believe the main points are as follows:

  • Technique cannot be relied upon and the proper study of martial arts cannot be about technique-technique will most likely fail. 
  • Balance is primary (physical and mental) -If you do not have balance you cannot defend yourself and cannot position yourself for safety or control of the space-Never sacrifice balance for application of technique.
  • You must have courage-The just study of Budo, facilitates courage.

Maybe it can be said that training in Japan allows for unique perspective and feeling of community, but this feeling is quickly growing outside of Japan. 

Thanks again to everyone -Bufu Ikkan