Once again the seminar in Dublin Ireland has been extremely rewarding and well accepted.  The training and atmosphere often feels very much like Japan with a high level of skill.  I would like to thank my good friend Alex Meehan and his Dojo as well as all the other participants including the leading Dojo’s in the Dublin area, many of the members who have become close friends.

As in the training in Germany, we focused on the aspect of martial arts basics, including the very important and primarily critical aspect of balance-physically and mentally for the purpose of defending oneself. 

 In Dublin, we had the opportunity to take a deeper look into the aspect of yoroi kumiuchi and the process of off balancing the opponent without sacrifice your own balance, positioning for safety and optimal control.  We were lucky to have two members of the Meehan dojo suit up in armor for the purpose of demonstrating control, targeting and balance.  This was very useful in demonstrating the use of the yari as a primary weapon of distance and how it was used in combination with the Tachi.

Once optimal positioning is achieved, then technique can be applied or weapons can be deployed and used, but never done so for the sake of technique-Never sacrifice balance for technique as technique will most likely always result in failure. 

I often question why we would focus on yoroi kumi uchi in the present day, but actually this is an extremely good practice in the method of control and balance.  If you can control someone in armor, then you certainly can do so without.  It is equally important that maintaining your own balance becomes ever so more critical as you would not want to end up on the ground in armor, as it becomes extremely difficult to defend.

Tachi Taijutsu is another way to look at Jutaijutsu-control first, technique secondary.

Escape an even a better option than engagement.

Bufu Ikkan