The seminar in Germany was an excellent success and personally a very enjoyable and rewarding time.  I would like to thank my good friend Oliver Piskurek and the members of his dojo for their support and arrangement. It was one of the most smoothly run seminars that I have had the pleasure of leading and I truly felt the connection of Soke’s Budo with Oliver’s group, as well as with the many attendees of the seminar. 

In the training, we focused our study on the basic elements of space, distance, angles and timing, striving to remain in the moment with mindfull adjustment in taijutsu for positioning of safety.  As in with Soke’s movement, he is constantly moving to position himself in safe place, while causing the opponent to sacrifice safety and move into a position of off balance and lack of control.

This year is year of the Tachi and I have personally given my taijutsu training this year the title of “Tachi Taijutsu”.  Simply speaking, this is no different from jutaijutsu,  but provides for image of the Tachi and its application in the aspect of kumiuchi within taijustu.

Many times I mentioned at the training that what is more important than technique is the need for Dokyo 度胸– courage or guts.

It seems that the most important aspect of self defense is the ability to react, whether that is escape, hiding or actually confronting.  One must develop the courage and the confidence to react or not react and execute as well as standing ones ground at times and this is an aspect of Dokyo

Soke often mentions about Dokyo and its presence in the study of budo and that in the face of war, one must smile or be overly confident or even wild.  This is an aspect of Rokkonshojo.

In the second day of training we had the opportunity to study the basic aspects of the Yari and the distance, angles and timing associated.  This Yari study of distance is important to develop a proper perspective of kumiuchi and the aspects of Ken, Tachi, Gun and Katana.  Understanding the evolution of war and the reality behind it is important for the proper perspective of Budo.  This was also inspired by Chapter 3 of the coming book from Soke’s collection “Essence of Budo”, as sojutsu is discussed with a few key kata presented.

I’m truly looking forward to the next training in Dublin and the UK.  I feel the emergence of the first flowers of spring in Germany will continue to blossom in the coming weeks.

Bufu Ikkan