Three tigers bind to form one in the DKMS this year.  Soke spoke and taught of the meaningful aspects of connection and flow.  We focused on the technique of no technique and the importance of maintaining a mind of no attachment.  Soke wrapped up the aspect of the rope and maintaining the connection, always one step ahead of the opponent with the ability to respond case by case.

This DKMS was as unique as last year, with a feeling of maturity and serenity within the Bujinkan.  The party was the highlight for me, with our Soke looking as if he is growing younger, as opposed to elder.

Soke mentioned to me several times that he truly feels that people have eternalized the aspects of Bujinkan and the each one has grown to a level of understanding and individual ability.

Ironically, this was quickly put back into perspective when we had the rare chance to hear the various memories and experiences of the Shihan.  The highlight being that of the Japanese Shihan who spoke of the severity of the old days of training, and the differences of today.  Evolution is a natural thing, but if you miss a link or connection, it could affect Sainokonki.

It’s tough to be human, caught in the cycle of war and conflict-We remain simple and violent. 

In the aspect of Sanshin, life is hard -Futen no Tora, bound by the teachings of the Mongolian tiger, we face the coming year-The year of the tiger.

Often the answer is closer that we might think, and although it is so close it feels so distant, it resides in the form of our own orgin.

Bufu Ikkan