In Budo we often focus on the self, and although this specific point is very critical and can be considered an endless struggle, we must never lose the ability to see the opponent.  The very essence of conflict exists between two points.  This is the natural duality.  In internal struggle this is between the “ego self” and the” real self”.  As stated before, this may be the most difficult fight to win and seems to be ongoing regardless of any level of achievement.

Often the conflict could be resolved by simply understanding the opponent.  Soke mentioned recently that the part that is often missed in the study of Budo is that of looking at the opponent.  Soke used the term to see “miru” rather than to understand “Wakaru”.  It is my opinion that to “see”, is primary and that “understanding”may require crucial time that might not be available in the moment.  True Budo is not something that can be understood or explained or studied.

We could achieve so much more if we implemented the practice of seeing the opponent -no surprises or conflict can be avoided entirely.  Seeing allows for positioning, as Soke is always in this position of safety.

Why would one purposely position oneself for conflict?  All the teachings say that it is due to the ego.

Soke often says “don’t make yourself a target” and this is a simple statement with profound wisdom.  I’m the first to admit that it is always easier said than done and this is just further example of the ”fight within”. 

Ability to see the opponent must come from an achieved level of first seeing the opponent within and is this not the essence of martial arts?

Bufu Ikkan.