An interesting discussion emerged from training last night with Soke.  Soke mentioned that what is important in the experience of his training is for us to grasp the image.  The mind must be able to imagine the desired outcome in a sense of premonition and then attempt through training to bring that image to reality through the body or Taijutsu. This is obviously not limited to just one grand image, but an infinite number of images that are connected in a continuation in the ultimate control of the space. Maybe a reasonable analogy can be a motion picture where a combination of images is run to create an overall story.  This concept is blended with this year’s theme of the rope with the likeness to a strip of film. Strive to connect the images in a continuous string of control.

Not only does the image hold importance, but the moment as well, or the particular instant.  This is not necessarily what we would think of as the common concept of timing. It was further explained by Soke as the moment of kyojutsu or “Kyojitsu no Shunkan” (虚実の瞬間)

The concept of imagery is present in all that is art, and the ultimate challenge of any artist is the same and that is to bring an image to reality. 

This concept struck a particular chord with my experience with music.  Often there is an image of a song or piece of music that will appear, but the challenge is to bring that image to reality before it is gone.  The image is often lost in that instant and the opportunity is therefore gone to neve be created again.  When speaking of this idea to Soke, he simply said that it is the Master who can take an image from the mind and create an exact actual replica in the material world without disruption.  You can also imagine that the ability to allow spontaneity to flow naturally is a critical point. 

Often, the only obstacle to the creative process is oneself.  

Imagine that!

Bufu Ikkan