group_shotA few weeks have passed since the seminar in the UK and all I can say is that it was a fantastic seminar and experience. I truly feel that the training level is high and that people really enjoyed the training. I want to sincerely thank David Oliver and the Bujinkan Koshin Dojo. I had a fantastic time with David and all of his group. I also want to thank all the supporting Dojo’s as well, Norman Smithers for his support during the training, and all the others that I may have missed. The evening training with Simon Yeo in London was also superb, and I want to thank Simon for that arrangement as well as all the participants.
At the training in Swindon I had an inspiration from this year’s theme that I felt was the highlight for me of all the trainings and I would like to share that here. We were working with the ever so challenging rope and I realized that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to determine the outcome of a rope technique. The 100% spontaneity of the rope is an almost perfect reflection of our training in the Bujinkan. Using the rope is challenging and becomes almost impossible if we try and create a specific outcome. However, if we allow the rope to work as a rope without resistance, the opponent will naturally bind and loose the ability to fight. Although a small inspiration, this has had large impact on my interpretation of the theme this year.
Flexibility, spontaneity are lost if we try and fight. The rope will bind you just as much as conflict.
It’s always the little things that matter.
Bufu Ikkan