Recently, Soke was discussing with me about the way that Takamatsu Sensei was able to nurture the flower of our tradition even in a time of conflict.  We have all heard of Takamatsu Sensei’s shiken experiences and know of all the stories.  Soke stressed to me that it is the ability to see through conflict to view the peace and the ultimate good is what is most critical for a mature Bugeisha.  As Toda Sensei said, “the foundation of peace is through Taijutsu”.  It is important to understand the greater good and have faith in the big picture, or great space.

This is concept is ever so critical to this year’s theme and critical to what Soke has been stressing the last couple of months at our training. Soke has mentioned recently on several occasions, that he truly feels that people who are training on a regular basis have gained a level of understanding and therefore respect this concept. 

This IS Ninpo-To maintain peace in a time of conflict-and is the essence of perseverance.  We must lead our opponents to peace and avoid the conflict.

This feeling is what Soke is teaching and we should strive to experience this in our taijutsu and training.  We do not control the opponent in a direct physical conflict, we control the space which is connected to the greater good and ultimately peace.  Kukan, or air, fills every aspect of the space. Direct contact is on a physical level and requires strength, power and will result in injury of either party.  Therefore, controlling the space is the ultimate goal and the highest level of martial arts, or Bugei.  Soke would like us all to strive to become Bugeisha, since we have already achieved a level of Budo.

It is also important to remain humble in our training and realize that this beyond us.  Soke is the best example and the most humble at times-Recently claiming that he is simply a puppet being controlled by Takamatsu Sensei from the heavens.

Takamastu Sensei nurtured a flower in the time of conflict and passed the seed to Soke.

This is the circle of life and the nature of the student teacher relationship.

Bufu Ikkan