Last Tuesday Soke was making reference the musical concept of the octave and how this relates to relationships and Budo.

If you are like me and not Adept in music theory, then you might want to read the definition of the octave here

I believe the main point is that Soke was making is how the octave relates to harmonics and the equivalent relationships in Budo and life.  Soke also made reference to his relationship with Takamatsu Sensei and how they were simply different octaves.  The relationship of man and woman, student and teacher and life and death are harmonious as the octave.

The strings of the guitar will reside parallel to each other and although different in tone or presence the same note can be played on each string by simply playing the octave.  Therefore these harmonious relationships exist all around us and it is important for the Budoka to tap into this natural phenomenon.

This idea applies to everything in life and not just that of combat and can be seen in the relationship of shingitai. 

Again, the words are not important as long as the harmony is maintained.

Bufu Ikkan