Last Sunday at Hombu training, I asked Soke to write the Characters for “Fudo Myo”, but changing the last character to the Character ,meaning mysterious.  I thought given this year’s theme that this was a clever expression and deep play on words.

Soke clearly noticed my attempt to play with words, as he often does, gave me a quick smile and added his own touch with the last character “okina” or old man.  Ultimately, the meaning can be seen as the “immovable mysterious old man”.   

What was once mine was now his, and I then realized that Soke was signing the page and combining this duality with my request, and ultimately controlling the space.

This freedom of expression and ability to grasp the moment can be seen as the gokui of martial arts, and there I sat witness to it.

Centered at the core “Fudo” but mysterious as “Neko no Myojitsu” .

Buffu Ikkan