Soke often tells us that what he is doing is not something that can be taught. After many years trying to recreate his movement and somehow misunderstanding the meaning of the above message, I have given up, allowing for the following realization. It cannot be done, and Soke is telling the truth. Maybe this an obvious discovery, but looking back on this, I believe it to be the critical to the PATH of the Budoka.

In my early training days, I can remember trying to be something , to look like the celebrity Ninja in the magazines and books, as well as striving to copy my various teachers in their movement. Often people would say, hey you move like ” Nani Nani Shidoshi” Well, now that’s something , or was it? “あればなしーなければあり, or you must have something before you can have nothing, and if you have nothing, then you (might) have something.

The truth is that Budo is not something that can be taught or learned. So, how can we grow? The answer is simple-we can do NOTHING, but train. This training must be something before it can be nothing. It must be honest and true-Right mind and proper intuition to remain on the right path. You must train correctly, in the presence of a master.

A true “teacher” only inspires and does not teach, because there is nothing to teach.

Budo is a lonely path