Somehow there exists the misconception that Bujinkan is a combat martial art.

Bujinkan Budo taijutsu is about NOT fighting.  Combat is always last resort.

Takamatsu Sensei spent a great deal of his life fighting, but then spent the rest of it as a monk to distance himself from it.  Thanks to his sacrifice, he has given us a taste of this reality through Hatsumi Sensei.

According to the Webster’s Dictionary online, the definition for combat is “a fight or contest between individuals or groups”.   We are not a competitive art, so we must be referring to a fight then.

The mindset that is taught is NOT to fight, and furthermore avoid conflict all together.  Ninpo teaches to dissipate the fight and to not even be there.

This mindset is developed through combat training nevertheless, but the training although physical, is focused at a mental and spiritual development.  The result is an internalized ability to react in an uncommon sense way. The element of surprise!

The ultimate martial artist is the one who never has to fight.  But in the time of a fight, does not hesitate to take action.  The type of action is infinite and the state of the times plays a role.

This is a life martial art that allows for personal development and achievement of personal potential.  Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu can be practiced and perfected over one’s entire lifetime.  There are no restrictions due to the human limit of the peak of physical prowess or athletic ability.  In a sense, there are no restrictions.  “Made in Human”, as Soke often says recently.

Again, fighting is the last resort.  In a fight, luck plays a large part as does the ability to read the air. 

Through consistent training the ability to cultivate good luck attracts.

As stated in so many previous posts-What I’m not saying is that physical contact training is unnecessary.  It is should be done at early stages of training when the body best accepts it.  A formula for this is already provided by the Bujinkan. 

There are no shortcuts-training is a personal responsibility.

Buffu Ikkan