Ninpo is highly about awareness and situational natural reaction.  Correct physical training indirectly develops our innate abilities that will allow us to avoid confrontation, disruption of the harmony or the atmosphere.

We must learn to read the atmosphere of the situation, adjust without detection and exercise impeccable self control.  We must also be able to quickly determine if our own actions or presence attracts attention.

I will give you a simple example.  There are things that we might do in our own home dojo that are not done in Japan.  Your teacher may insist on the developed of a specific habit for various reasons.  However, this may not be acceptable in Japan or any other dojo.  Therefore, to quickly control your own developed habits or actions are essential.

This is not only an exercise in etiquette, but also a lesson in the mindset of Ninpo.

What Soke is teaching us is not physical-skill is already achieved to a sufficient level in the Bujinkan, according to Soke -What he is teaching is the connection OF and IN the space.  As he Soke said last night…”Kukan no Tate (shield) and Kukan no Suki” (opening). 

Allow your shield to protect your openings and your openings to lower the shield of the opponent. 

Ninpo Ikkan –武心和