Soke said to me last night, in order to study Budo you must have a pure feeling or intention, if not it will go another direction….Most likely the wrong direction.

Thinking about this has made me reflect again on my own training, the purpose of it and motivation for why I train. I think that every Bujinkan member (or Budoka) should do so on a regular basis.

What is your intention, what is your purpose and why do you train?

Naturally, there will be many reason and motivations, but the real question is, is your reason pure?

Maybe traditionally, the original intention for training in Budo was to survive. But do we really need Budo to survive today? Maybe not. So what is the intention?

Whose Bujinkan is this? -I think that we can start to call it ours IF our intention is pure. But if not, then don’t call it your Bujinkan.

Ultimately, the Bujinkan belongs to Soke, so why are so many people contorting it or exploiting it? Yeah, we have rights, but the right is only to train-if you are decent person without a criminal record etc-. but there is no right to change or manipulate things. This is up to Soke. There is a time for change, but is it really now?

We can pose so many questions and fabricate so many examples…but I will be direct and say that if the purpose sides on any monetary basis, then there is NO purity and it is NOT Budo.

Soke always says that if you train then things will come naturally. And they will. But Budo and business do not mix.

Unfortunately, too many have taken the Bujinkan and Soke’s name for granted and used it to boost their own business, advertising or con job. Too many who never even really train, come to Japan, or even have any concept of Soke’s Budo, build a Dojo, use the name, hang pictures of Soke on the wall, and distort money from people. Shidoshi, Shihan are titles reserved for pure intention Budoka, not for boosting sales.

I wonder why the Bujinkan is under criticism? The worst of it is that the majority of the criticism comes from actual so called Bujinkan members. The hypocrisy is amazing.

I will repeat what Soke said again last night and an infinite amount of times before. If you just train, and keep going, then Budo will work for you. There is nothing to change and nothing more to do. Leave it be and just train.

Ninpo Ikkan