As in all things, there is a duality.  In Budo, there is also something called “shunkan” meaning “the moment”.  If you train with Soke, you truly realize how critical this is.

This also ties directly in to the point of “no technique” or further, “no fixation”.

 Last Tuesday night, Soke said that the way to enlightenment in Budo Taijutsu is to see through.  -“Minuku”

He made the analogy of taking all the 9 Ryuha and turning them transparent.  When you layer them on one another you can hold them up and then can see through the 9 traditions.  On the other side, you will see what enlightenment is.  In Ninpo you need to learn how to disappear and become transparent.

Toda Sensei did and therefore our trandition lives on.

Timing, distance and luck are all important, but there is a time for questions and a time to listen.

Ninpo Ikkan