Recently, I have been looking at the “Way of the Ninja” to better understand the aspects of Ninpo that Soke is speaking of this year.  I have found that this source gives some good food for thought regarding this year’s theme as well as the BK in general. 

After reading a few sections in the book, I developed several questions that I thought I would pose to Soke to get a better perspective on this year’s theme.  I memorized my questions and was off to training at the Hombu Dojo looking for the first chance to ask Soke my questions.

The training that day was great and I was lucky to have the opportunity to translate that day and I was very intrigued by the topic of discussion.

Time came for the break and I sat next to Soke translating for the people that were lined up to have Soke write their requested calligraphy, and I saw the chance to ask my questions. 

Before I had a chance to open my mouth, Soke began telling me about training in the past and how Akimoto san, a student of Takamatsu sensei once cut down a starling with a sword that he drew as the bird leaped from the ground into would be flight.  Soke continued to tell me that Akimoto san was a very devoted student and would cup his hands for Takamatsu Sensei when he needed to knock the ash from his smoke.  Soke said that Akimoto san said that if anyone ever hurt Takamatsu sensei he would grab his sword and take revenge.  A very devoted student.

I sat there and realized that my questions were gone and that even if I spent hours preparing them or written them down, they would have still meant nothing.

If I have 5 minutes alone with Soke, or even 5 hours, I find it more rewarding to sit there in silence asking nothing, only listening. 

The answers to your questions are all there, and available to you at anytime-if you listen.

Buffu Ikkan