There seems to be quite a bit of popularity with the post “Do or Don’t”.  This topic, although not a new one, seems to be misunderstood and over discussed.

So how do we train?  Well the truth is that it is really up to you, and depends on what you intend to achieve in your life.  Training should be specific and comes down to your own ability to reflect within and know your strengths and weakness and then take the necessary action.

I see so many people talking about what is best, what is more effective. 

There is no question about the effectiveness of the technique of the Bujinkan.  It is the ability to execute what you have learned and how far you have internalized that is in question.  Most importantly, it comes down to your mindset and having the guts to act or not act when necessary.

Not acting when you should is the same as acting when you shouldn’t.  It is a duality and this is why it is Budo. 

I might ruin some body’s dream here, but there are NO secret techniques, not in the Bujinkan and not in any other martial art.  Do you think that if Soke stood up and said “here is the secret”, that we would be surprised?  What Soke teaches is the mindset.

Gaining a level in Budo comes down to individual ability, creativity and training combined with the inspiration from a teacher who has gained a level through training. With this inspiration you can discover how to open your eyes, mind, heart and spirit.

Furthermore, there is no distinction between soft and hard training, they are the same. Soke may appear to be soft in his movement, but this is a misconception. He is both and we should be both.  If you only train soft, then you will not have the hard and vice versa.  If you lack one or the other, then there is no balance and therefore no”0″. Kyojitsu works for you and against you. 

Also, we should understand that the Bujinkan has grown to the point where it is a community and organization with culture.  Therefore, we should not jump to the conclusion that everyone is here for the same purpose.  Training is an individual endevaor. If you assume without proper observation, then you are not reading your environment.  This is a point Soke repeatedly makes clear.  Too many jump to conclusions and pass judgement.

To offer a solution-In my humble opinion self training is a very powerful way to make the connection.  How many of us do this on a regular basis, or do we just train only at the dojo? 

Just to give an example from my own training -I remember the year we were studying Bo (1993), since I had quite a bit of free time as an exchange student in Japan, I spent several hours a day in a park swinging and hitting trees with the Bo.  You will learn quickly how a soild oak Bo will bounce back once it makes impact.  This teaches you to quickly make the adjustment in your taijutsu to avoid injury and maintain control of the Bo.  There are many ways to discover realness through self training and this discovery process is also training.

The truth is there are no shortcuts or secrets, there is only training.

Keep Going!