Many have been asking, so I will let you know that the translation of the new book is complete.The English text has been submitted to Kodansha and we should see the release sometime around April this year, if all goes well.

Without getting myself into trouble, the following is a basic outline of the content per memory:

-Mindset on Budo Taijutsu

-Kihon Happo

-Chapters on the main Ryuha (the ones we have focused on) including step by step explanation of the waza for the various levels.

The cool thing is that at the end of each Ryuha Chapter, the record of Takamatsu sensei or Hatsumi Soke is there, as well as a few columns from Soke regarding training.  So in a sense, very much in the format of what one would imagine the Densho to look like.

It will be a great asset to anyone studying Budo.