Well, I finally got to see the Human Weapon show.  Many friends and family in the US got to see it before me and many had nice things to say, so thanks for your comments.

Of course, I had to withhold any comments on the show that revealed too much detail until it aired, so, I will take a few moments to comment now on the experience after viewing it. 

The show seemed to turn out similar to what I can remember, and the challenge was interesting to watch.  I do recall there were a few more things that happened that must have been cut for entertainments sake, but hey, that’s Hollywood, right.  I do remember that putting the challenge together in the last minute was a bit on the fly, but we needed to come up with something that would work to meet the director and producers need for a challenge.  With our art being being “non-competitive” it was a bit of a challenge in itself and I think the end product worked for the show and was resonably well done for the short time that we had to produce it.  We also knew the risk that there will be people out there who will jump to the conclusion that it was ” representative” of what we do here in the BK.  I do feel sorry that they did not have their chance to see what they imagine should have happened.

Unfortunately, what was requested as the challenge was denied, and therefore something had to be done to control the space.  Not all Ninjas show their tricks.  Silly Rabbit…

Turning BK into a sport, is tough and to adhere to rules is tougher and there were plenty of talks and conversation prior to avoid injury. And yes, even reality shows do have some level of control.  The plastic goggles might have been safe, but they just did not look that cool on camera, so we chose to go without them.

All in all, Bill and Jason are great guys and they do have knowledge and abilities.  Jason maybe more so, being a professional mixed martial artist, so it was a truly a training opportunity and learning experience for me, and that’s all I ever expected it to be.  It took some time for me too, but I finally learned that Ninja can’t really walk on water.

After seeing the show, I finally got to learn where Jason and Bill were spending their all their time that week, and there were some “interesting” additions to the Ninja tradition (I did not know that Koppojutsu was Ninja Knife Fighting).  Well done on the obstacle course. If anything is a motivation, it is doing everything you can to avoid falling in that water. From what I remember from 18 years ago, when I tried to be a Ninja too, I fell in, and nobody who sit next next to me on the train back to Noda.  And I don’t think anybody as been back to the course since.

To the local BK guys who participated, a job well done and thanks for having the guts to do the job when requested to do so.  Thanks to Yost for his support and great hosting skills.

By the way, we have a new idea for the next challenge, it will be combat with keyboards so all you masters out there, now is your chance to save the world!

Luckily I don’t have to miss a day at work again this time.

Buffu Ikkan