One the 2nd day of the DKMS Soke mentioned the term 五定“Gojo”.  This was a term that I had not been very familiar with at the time and therefore the translation was not accurate.  Many people have requested a clarification, so I would like to take a few minutes here and do my best to clarify what Soke was talking about.  The details of this are mentioned in the soon to be released Budo Taijutsu Book in the chapter for Togakure Ryu, so I will avoid spoiling it too much.  Please also remember that the theme for next year is Togakure Ryu, so there is plenty of opportunity for the meaning to develop.

I have a given a rough translation for each.

The Gojo (五定)are:

  • 不滅の布施    (Fumetsu no fuse) Immortal offerings
  • 真道の持戒    (Mamichi no Jikai) Pure path of Buddhism
  • 自然の忍辱 (Shizen no ninniku) Forbearance of nature
  • 自然の超越 (Shizen no choetsu) Trancendence of nature
  • 光明の悟り     (Komyo no satori) Enlightenment of hope-same Komyo as Shiken harimitsu Dai KOMYO