The DKMS was great, the feeling was good and the idea of warrior harmony seems to be prevalent for those that attended.  Soke was in good spirits and put emphasis on playing with the opponent and importance of disattachment from form or waza.  The waza is always there and always will be.  It is up to the individual how much you train to allow yourself the freedom.  Clearly, lack of training away from the Hombu will most likely leave you stranded and forced to justify your own interpretation. 

The party was a close and personal, Soke enjoyed it very much and stayed a little longer than usual.  He brought along a face from long ago, the young actor from the Jiraya series.  Soke titled him his long lost “son” and they enjoyed the party together.

Soke was presented with many gifts, very nice gifts and he truly appreciated them all.  Thanks to all of you of you for your generosity to Soke, he does appreciate all he receives, although we can never repay him for what he has given us.

Many people approached me and thanked me for the blog and for the translation at the training.  It is what I do and do not expect gratitude, but I do appreciate the comments from so many.

I also had the chance to meet and spend time talking with many old buyu.  I truly realized that Bujinkan is made up of many interesting people.  Each person has strengths to bring to the table.  We will all have our strengths and will all have our weakness, this is natural.  However, we must be aware that things become out of control when strengths are exploited and weakness are ignored. Think about this.

This art is living and genuine and the connection is through Soke.  This is historically proven. So don’t doubt and just train.  The time is not right for alternative interpretation.

Also don’t forget that we are surrounded by kyojutsu and that fixation on something or pushing too much in any direction will return most likely to work against you.  Soke mentions this many times.

Soke also teaches “don’t believe what you see”.  If you take things for face value you are violating the basics of Budo.  Seeing and judging or jumping to conclusions is immature. 

Remaining ZERO is exactly this.  Too many seem to forget this and do not utilize the training we have invested so much time into.  At the end of the day, those warriors who utilize Soke’s teaching for good and justice will prevail.

Take a moment to think about the purpose.