I have been involved in translating for Soke now for more than a decade.

When I think back on the first time that I stepped forward and mustered up enough confidence to try and translate, I realize it was like most things Bujinkan, the ability comes with time and experience.  What matters in getting started with anything, is the guts to get started and the drive to carry on.

Translation of Soke’s words, ideas and metaphors is not easy.  It has taken many years of training to be in tune with Soke.  There are still many times that I might not have the vocabulary or the history background to fully understand, but somehow, the tune just makes sense.

I realized that this is the same as our Budo.  It can only come with time and does not have to be perfect to be effective.  What matters is not the detail or waza, but the feeling.

Being somewhat of a musician, I like to make the comparison to music.  Soke often does.

The gokui of translation, in my humble opinion, is like a song.  It is the melody that matters and not the words. You can know all the words, but it is nothing if there is no melody.

The melody is what moves the heart.