Last Tuesday Soke told me that the most important power is the power of nothing “Nai no Chikara”. The way he used the terms got me to thinking of the significance of this and I would like to share my thoughts with the members of the Bujinkan.We have to really think about what we are striving to achieve  in our training and to use the line from a very trusted sempai and mentor of mine “what is the mission”, is the essence of this, I believe.

Well, most of us study Budo to develop strength and power whether it be physical, mental or spiritual, do we not?  But once we gain maturity in Budo, we clearly realize that strength or power is the last thing that we truly desire to cultivate.

Then what is it that we want to develop? Well, we want to develop nothing.  The goal is not to fight. Not to be there when there is a conflict is the best place to be.

One of the previous Soke of our tradition said, the way to peace is by not fighting and not having to be in a position to fight.  This is the power of nothing. 

So actually, doing nothing is the most powerful move you can make.

This is deeply tied into Soke’s constant points about not giving the opponent any feeling.  Not fighting the opponent and simply playing with the opponent.

Giving the opponent nothing to fight against is the power that will ultimately control the opponent.  This is not your power, but the power of the opponent.  Your nothing dissipates this power and renders it nothing.

Obviously to reach this level requires direct training experience with someone connected to the bufu and there are no shortcuts.  We must start with something before we can have nothing.