Last week we were visited by the film crew and staff of the History Channel Show, “The Human Weapon”.

Fellow Budoka Yost Fulton was in town for business at the time and was given the task by Soke to manage the process.  They filmed for about one week and then did their challenge and off they went. (with a few scars)

Both stars of the show Jason and Bill are good guys.  They are traveling the world learning various martial arts from the gems of the martial arts community.

They both seemed very excited about the chance to train with the Bujinkan Dojo, the only surviving Shinobi.

In the end we had to accommodate their desire for some sort of contest.  Well, given our art that is not so easy to do.

We ended up having a game of tag using Tombu weapons with victory going to the one who could score the first 5 hits.  Kinda like a game of chambara.  It was good fun and a good training experience for Bruce and me.

Take a look when it airs.  I hope that it puts us in a good light.