taijutsubookcover1.jpg     The other day, I received the manuscript from Kodansha for Soke’s new book on Budo Taijutsu.  I have to be somewhat careful of what and how much I say, but I will say that the book is focusing on the major Ryhuha and themes of the Bujinkan over the past years.  There is also a step by step description of each of the waza in each Ryuha, which should eliminate the need for people to ever collect waza again. It is all there, in one concise source.  I will also say that non Bujinkan will have difficulty to decipher the code.   There is nothing that can replace the needed experience and exposure to bufu ikkan.  You need to have been socialized in the environment to understand the language.

This is our Budo Taijutsu at a new level and will make sense for those that have open the minds eye.

In comparison to the older and highly sought after out of print Taijutsu Book, this book is the new testament.  It brings together Soke’s philosophy on Budo and other arts.  Soke is truly an artist and this is clear in the quality of all his works.

As for when the book will be released, there is no set date.  I will keep this blog updated as the project rolls on.  Wish us luck, the job is not an easy one.

Bufu Ikkan