Sorry, I have been out of it for a while.  Lots going on here, but my commitment to the blog is fudoshin.


Soke has been speaking recently about the new book that he will be releasing.  Looks like I will be facing a mega translating  project.  Soke has given me a prelude of what is to appear in the new book and I want to share it with the blog readers here.


Soke hopes that this book will eliminate the need to collect techniques.  So he has told me that the book will have a step by step of all the waza in our art.  Why should anyone need notes anymore when it will all be here?  This book is to be somewhat of a reincarnation of the original taijutsu book that is now out of print and considered a rare find.


Soke is an artist and therefore much thought is put into the production of the book. His other books have been written in the densho form, so I assume that we can expect the same or better of this new book.  


A big focus for Soke goes into the photos in the book.  He often comments that “photos of Budo should be taken be real Budoka, only true budoka can capture the essence of what is happening”. Soke often makes comparison of the photos taken in his books that were not taken by Budoka to those that have been taken by Budoka.


This is also related to the videos that are being taken at training.  Soke sees this as an ongoing diary of our training that can be referred to in the future.  These videos are being taken by Bujinkan members who are able to understand what content is important, what angle the video should be taken.  Therefore, the videos can be seen in the eyes of a Bujinkan memeber as you are watching Soke in real life. A note here:  When training in Japan please remember that you may appear in these videos and you may not be aware of it.  So please be considerate of your appearance while viewing training and possibly appearing in the video.  Mistakes will be documented for eternity.


As the book develops I hope to add more comments.