A very important point was made by Noguchi Shihan a few weeks ago. This comment has rang through my mind, and I’m compelled to write about it now.


Noguchi Shihan told us that “if you doubt your technique or ability, then you should just leave”.  At first glance, this may seem like a harsh comment, but it maybe one that will save your life.


Confidence is a very important aspect if not the most important aspect of martial arts and combat.  In budo, we have the specific term “Shin Gi Tai” that refers to the 3 aspects of mind, body and spirit or a more direct translation of Mind, technique and body.  All 3 must be in alignment for mastery of a martial art. Without the confidence of mind then the other two will not follow.  How can you expect to be skilled if you don’t have the confidence?


Soke often makes reference to “Luck” and how it works with us and against us in life.  Therefore, we must have the confidence that we will conjure only the “good” type of luck and not doubt the outcome.


As I stated before in an earlier post, technique is basic and should not be forgotten, but currently there is little value attached to technique. It is expected that one has trained long enough to understand this, or at least be training with someone who does.


If you are in a real conflict, you have to be 100% sure that you will succeed or you are handicapping yourself in a potential life or death situation.


I’m 100% confident that this is why Noguchi Shihan said, “if you doubt yourself or your technique then you should just leave”.  

In shinkengata, there is no room for doubt.  You must win, it is that simple.