Last night Soke re-emphasized a very important point that he has been talking about for years. When he first visited the USA, he used the word “play” to give practitioners to cue to start training.  This word is very significant according to Soke and carries deep meaning in how we should be training and our thinking of taijutsu. 

To play is to be childlike, and to remain “sunao”, or in English, pure.  This way intention remains pure and your heart is always zero.  We play in our training as a child does, to explore innocently our world of Budo. This also refers to, as Soke has stated many times this year, “the room for play” in taijutsu.  This is similar to the aspect of being zero and “free” as Soke often states.  

In this year’s theme of Kukishin Ryu, we are working on developing this room for “play”.  This also incorporates the ability to seamlessly incorporate the use of weapons into taijutsu. And just for further clarification, weapons in the Bujinkan definition are basically anything, and not fixed on common sense perception of what a weapon is.  We are taught that anything is a weapon and therefore our common sense falls into what is conceived as uncommon sense. 

Please find and maintain room for play in your life and in your taijutsu.  This is a very strong hint to discovering what Hatsumi Soke is currently teaching.