This may come off as controversial, but hey, that is one reason I decided to create this blog.

A month ago, I took my family back to the US for a visit and it was just as the shooting incident happened at Virginia Tech. 

 I was shocked to hear about the incident, just as anyone else would be, and saw it as a real tragedy.  I also listened to the majority of the people around me who said “that’s why we need gun control, to stop these types of things” Well; I see it another way… 

I can’t help wondering why a guy with a handgun can shoot 32 people without anyone doing something to stop him.  I realize that this may sound easier that it seems, but with a handgun, you have to reload and there must have been some opportunity to take action.  Or, if there was just a few people involved who had been trained in something real, may have been useful to stop him. Maybe a few lives could have been saved.  I realize that there are many “what if’s” here, but I hope that maybe someday the teachings of the Bujinkan will spread to enough good people that someone trained and capable will be there next time to stop these tragedies.  Maybe a perfect world, but I think Soke is right when he says we need to focus on survival more and more these days.


Think of it this way, one armed kid who is trained and responsible, could have saved 32 lives.  Pardon me for thinking this way.  But I choose not to be a victim.