I had a conversation with Soke last night at Ayase training regarding the aspect of “Henka”. Due to the inspiration of this conversation, I have renamed my blog “Henka”

According to Soke, the aspect of Henka is not only critical to Budo and what we do, but to how we live our lives.  Many have heard the term “afraid of change” well that is essentially the point.  Those who are free to change or “Henka”, will survive in life, Budo and in combat.


We also had a discussion about the evolution or “Henka” of the Bujinkan.  Soke made it clear that those who have been training for many years have evolved with the Bujinkan and have endured the ““Henka””, therefore the current Shihan understand this term of “Henka” and have had real life experience with it.

Internalization of this is critical.

Those who have stopped training or stopped coming to Japan or training with a Shihan who regularly comes to Japan are lost.